Tardid ensures your operational & business continuity without disruption or stagnation

According to Dunn & Bradstreet, 59% of fortune 500 companies experience a minimum 1.6 hours of downtime per week. To put this in perspective, assume that an average Fortune 500 company has 10,000 employees who are paid an average of $56/hr, including benefits ($40/Hr salary + $16/Hr in benefits). Just the labour component of downtime costs for such a company would be $896,000 weekly, which translates into more than $46 Million per year. Before you can calculate downtime costs, you need to know its sources. And not all of them are any single issue. To begin with, It is important that you identify and understand both your internal and external downtime threats. What has the potential to take your business down?

Assessing the financial impact downtime, Vision Solutions



TARDID built Brainbox, is a industry specific augmented intelligence platform for Shipping, Aviation, Railways, Wind Farms, Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream), original equipment manufacturers and government. Brainbox helps enterprises to proactively understand assets (machine & structure) health conditions by leveraging Machine Learning and Cognitive technology to reduce unplanned downtime, compensations, demurrages, alongside improving decision making and return-on-investment by 10 times.

The company's clients include heavy industries, operators, defence and R&D. Tardid has entered into technology joint venture with Blockchain for strategic go-to-market and technology development to address autonomous waste management. Tardid is recognized as one of the most innovative and niche AI company by leading publications including Business Insight ICO Magazine, Times of India.

Industry specific Solutions for Shipping, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Railways, Wind Farming, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Government




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