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AI based machine health management

of behavior, patterns and boundary conditions

don't wait until the problem comes to you -or- now you go to your customer before the problem even occurs. Let your machines interact and manage themselves effectively and efficiently than a human can do

Reduced Unplanned Downtimes and Maintenance Time


Xander continuously monitors machine parts and generate strategic maintenance schedules for proactive repairs, which results in reduced maintenance time by 20 - 50 percent and decreases overall maintenance costs by 5 - 10 percent, thus saving yours and your customers' time and money

Rapidly Increases Efficiency Across your Production System

AI driven insights improves OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) by reducing unnecessary maintenance, extend asset life and enable root cause analysis with scientific logical reasons of a system to uncover issues ahead of failure

Recognize and Create New Revenue Streams with Xander

Now monetize by offering deep analytics driven services to your customers, including PdM dashboards, optimized maintenance schedules or a technician dispatch services before parts need replacements.  By providing digital services to customer, Xander creates an opportunity for recurring revenue streams and a new growth engine

Competitive Advantage with Comparative Dimensioning

Xander's prescriptive maintenance capability strengthens your brand and value to customers, on-time delivery, differentiating products from competition and allowing you to provide continuous benefit in-market

Improved Production and Better Customer Experience

for manufacturers, send automated alerts when parts need to be replaced and suggest timely maintenance to boost satisfaction and provide a greater measure of predictability

for operators, ensure uptime by 100 percent and spend on maintenance only when the systems are exhausted

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Brainbox uses a non-intrusive method to identify anomalies in traction/induction motors and prescribe time-to-fail with the remaining useful life

  • Motor and current signature analysis

  • Digital twin of the motor mapped to its elements and dynamics

  • Monitoring cyclic loading and stresses

  • Power signature analysis for rotating power train

  • Drags and discharges

  • Detection of oscillation issues

  • Mac imbalance, broken bars, and Rotor faults

  • Time-to-fail

  • Remaining useful life


Machine oil, for example, can be replaced on a regular schedule, but savings can accrue if it is tested and replaced only when nearly exhausted. Similarly, instead of waiting for a motor to fail, it can be monitored for electrical, thermal and mechanical signs of impending failure. Predicting failure allows a replacement during downtime that does not impede production.

  • Density and viscosity assessment

  • Wear particle analysis

  • Prescribing flash point (change needed)



Xander makes it easy for maintenance departments to achieve their desired performance levels. The technology brings a full-featured predictive and proactive maintenance program and applies its benefits to


  • Engines, motors, alternators, pumps, compressors, fans, valves, gearboxes

  • Gearbox health assessment

  • Prescriptive analysis Traction/Induction motors health and drags

  • Pumps and VFDs

  • Generators


Autonomous Traction Motor Health and Assessment and Damage Prognosis


  • Reduced Downtime

  • Time to failure with comparative dimensioning

  • Remaining useful life


  • Asset digitization

  • Advanced warnings of identified patterns

  • Part identification and detection of anomalies

  • Maintenance prioritization

  • HMI with pilot


Be Empowered and Work Smarter


Integrated with multiple & different sensors, so that each sensor can be used to its best advantage

Xander uses sensor rendered physical processes for downstream processing. The more precise the measurement, the more detailed the digital picture.

Xander can integrate existing sensors (SCADA) and equally supports new batch of digitized equipment's


Combine physics and machine learning to map the entire dynamics and elements

Information's are obtained by linking large pools of data from sensors and existing preventive records, which are then processed with sophisticated neural patterns and Brainbox exemplar AI algorithms for purposes ranging from optimizing utilization through redesigning the manufacturing setup itself. 


Detailed prescription is provided with prognosis as a scientific report for you to act upon

Xander analyzes good and dark data and provides information about the future trends of your machines is likely to experience. Take advantage of Brainbox KDD Server, the expert knowledge system - in order to be able to Initiate preventive measures 


What you get is an Artificial Intelligence based Enterprise Asset Management

damage prognosis

detailed fatigue assessment

change in patterns and behavior based on various loading and operational cycles

asset life extension

time to failure

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