Brainbox provides a flexible machining and assembly systems components through a well defined path of knowledge based systems for machine learning design of mechanical parts and mechanisms process planning

Small Footprint Industrial Artificial Intelligence Software for the Manufacturing Segment 

Global competition and rapidly changing customer require are forcing major changes in the production style and config of manufacturing organization. Increasingly, traditional centralized and sequential manufacturing process planning, scheduling and control mechanisms, will be found insufficiently flexible to respond to changing production styles and high-mix-low-volume production environments.


We at Tardid have now developed an Artificial Intelligence Platform for manufacturing enterprise integration, enterprise collaboration, manufacturing process planning and scheduling, shop floor control and autonomously managing the health of the machines by prescribing the "the Remaining Useful Life and predicting "The Time to Failure"

SATISFIES Number of Fundamental Requirements

  • Full integration of heterogeneous hardware and software within an enterprise

  • Efficient and Effective communication and cooperation among departments

  • Embodiment of human factors into manufacturing system

  • Fault tolerance both at system and subsystem level so as to detect and recover from system failures and minimize their impact on the working environment

  • Let's your machines interact and manage themselves effectively and efficiently than a human can do

Industrial AI Platform for Process OEMs

BRAINBOX offers process OEMs unique automation and data engineering solutions

  • Bring innovation together across domains (mechanical, electrical, information technology) and the extended business network, including the end customer

  • Continuous monitoring of critical connection points

  • Detect invisible hotspots and reduce unexpected downtimes

  • Smart Machines - Don't wait until the problem comes to you, go to your customer before the problem even occurs,

BENEFITS For the Enterprises

Brainbox AI platform expands conventional condition monitoring approaches by offering an insight into the "machines future". It therefore provides new options for increasing efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership



Be Informed

Uses a powerful twin engine technique. The unique combination of Deep Learning with Cognitive Computing allows your machines to interact and demonstrate  human like thinking capabilities in decision making process.

This highly innovative approach takes you to the next step of future digitized production and monitoring.



Information's are obtained by linking large pool of numerical and empirical data in batch and real-time from different types of sensors, SCADA, existing records, human in pool. The platform inbuilt with sophisticated neural patterns and exemplar algorithms for purposes ranging from optimizing utilization through to redesigning the manufacturing setup itself



There's a long history of events, few of them we saw coming, but could not stop them in time.

Lurking below the surface of these events are due to mechanical instabilities, resource constraints & inefficiencies. Now events can be foretold, as Brainbox  is watching asset reliability constantly. 

Avoid Events


Brainbox makes your machines and structures digitally enabled so that you can create digital strategy, to reduce unplanned downtime, based on a solid foundation of large data and analytics

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