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Brainbox Prime

The module is dedicated for all metallic structural integrity assessment and prognosis


Brainbox Xander

Xander is for machine health monitoring. Xander triggers alerts with prognosis only when the machine itself cries for help


Brainbox Stormbreaker

Decision Intelligence module preceding Prime and Xander for operational and process optimization


Brainbox Knowhere

Threat intelligence module to identify, intercept and interdict air, water and surface level threats




Machine Health Management

Brainbox "Xander" provides comprehensive capabilities for backward and forward tracing of machines operational conditions, spanning manpower, comparative dimensioning, methods and management related information's to facilitate rapid root cause and containment analysis.

  • Identify and manage machine reliability risk in advance

  • Trigger control to machines parameters based on real time load and HVAC systems.

  • Real-time performance monitoring

  • Detection of point and contextual anomalies

  • Minimized downtime 


Structural Health Management

Fatigue of structures is evident as by-product which has become a challenge to manage and maintain them, In general structural fatigue as fracture phenomenon occurs after large number of load cycles. Brainbox "Prime" provides AI based structural integrity assessment and prediction in real-time


  • Stress distribution

  • Cracks and corrosion

  • Crack initiation life

  • Secondary bending

  • Fracture toughness

  • Final failure, and

  • Remaining useful life


Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is provided by "Stormbreaker". The main goal is to successfully signal an alert before a failure occurs and provide required intelligence for timely action and optimization, so that you have enough time to deal with the problem before it occurs.

  • Maps asset dynamic and elements to Digital Twin

  • Feature extraction and automatic pattern recognition

  • Tokenization with time stamp standardization for right time decisioning

  • Performance & Process optimization

  • Time to failure

  • Asset life extension


Autonomous Inspection Station

In conventional inspection types non-destructive testing is performed in lab environment, furthermore, the lab outcomes are used as theoretical measures to reject or pass components or cylinders. The rejections are intuitive and performed through human inspection skills. SPICA resolves this problem once for all and analyses collected data correlated with physics models to determine the health, safety and remaining useful life of the components.

  • Detection of profile deformation (war page)

  • Cracks and Thickness degradations

  • Weight with thermal variations

  • Production process optimization

SmartShip Opertion

Smart Ship Operations

Brainbox Smart Ship Operations

Brainbox SSO system, performs relatively few works and provides decisioning in right time on when exactly a manoeuvre needed to achieve safe operation.

Brainbox applies ship domain to determine distances and position for collision avoidance manoeuvres in give-way situations.

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Under Brainbox Innovative Ecosystem Platform


Frequently asked questions

What is Brainbox?

Brainbox is a physics-aware artificial intelligence platform, designed for enterprise asset management. Brainbox can monitor industrial assets in real-time and provide a detailed prognosis with scientific inputs on your asset health and the attention needed.


Brainbox is a plug-n-play system?
Brainbox is not a plug-n-play system. The platform needs to be trained on the particular asset to monitor. The training period varies from 4 to 6 months based on the asset complexities. Once any asset training is completed the knowledge can be transferred to sister assets seamlessly through an in-built transfer learn mechanism.


Can Brainbox be deployed in data scarce environment?
Yes. Brainbox is designed to work in data scarce environment as it follows the principle of model-driven. Once the models are deployed, Brainbox only needs the governing and influencing parameters to provide decision intelligence.

Brainbox is an IIoT Platform?
No, Brainbox is an AI platform, however, it needs a certain amount of digitization to capture the operational and loading conditions of the asset which could be a machine or structure. 

Is Tardid's offerings only for defense?
Brainbox is for everyone. Brainbox "KnowHere" is the only module which is been designed to address defense needs, whereas the other modules "Prime", "Stormbreaker" and "Xander" are for any industrial applications. Furthermore, Brainbox "SPICA" functions as an autonomous inspection station for all industrial needs.

Can Brainbox Prime be implemented for any kind of material health assessment?
Brainbox "Prime" at present can manage Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Ductile Steel structures.

Is Brainbox available for deployment across geographies?
Brainbox is available across geographies open for business as per the governing laws of India.

What SPICA does do?
SPICA is an autonomous inspection station used for non-destructive evaluation of components, cylinders, pipes, etc., at high speed. SPICA has the capability to assess components from 10mm to 5m with varied thicknesses of 250mm.

Is possible to use SPICA in the production line?
Yes SPICA has been designed for both production lines and process lines. The robotics parameters, speed, and processes are field configurable

Is it possible to customize SPICA?
Yes Brainbox SPICA is fully customizable from its size to its process. 


Our Portfolio

Tardid Portfolio is enabling the heavy industries and government agencies to do better business, reduce unplanned downtime, increase ROI by 10 times, and capture new window of opportunities. 


Structural Health Management



  • Hull Monitoring

  • Corrosion & Nucleation

  • Cracks & Propagations

  • Stress & Strain Analysis

  • Structural Fatigue Analysis

  • Residual Lifespan

Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline Health Monitoring

  • Storage Tank Fatigue

  • Jacket and Jack-up SHM

  • Boilers & Cold Insulated Lines


  • Autonomous Track Monitoring

  • Gauge Gap and Ballast Detection

  • Track Fatigue & Crack Propagation



  • Airframe Integrity

  • Fatigue Localization & Positioning

  • Pylon Fatigue and Cracks

  • Integrating Existing Sensor Data

Wind Turbine

  • Offshore Structure Integrity

  • Residual Lifespan

  • Monitoring of Gearbox and Shaft

  • Emergency Braking System

  • Correct Pitch and Wind Analysis

  • Historical Analysis

Machine Health Management
Manufacturing & Process OEMs

  • Thermal Stress & Warpage Analysis

  • Shrinkage & Breakage

  • Boundary Deformations

  • Proximity Vibration Analysis

  • Proximity Noise Analysis

  • Ghost Noise Detection & Analysis

  • Harmonics of Toothmeshing Freq 

  • Time Domain Analysis

  • Transmission Error Measure

  • Housing Stiffness Detection

  • Governor Idler Condition Analysis

  • Sync-Time Domain Averaging

  • Integrating SCADA

  • Comparative Dimensioning

  • Failure Data Analysis

  • Effective False Positive & False

  • Negative Management

Onboard Lube Analysis

  • Viscosity Analysis

  • Pour Point Analysis

  • Flash Point Analysis

  • Wear Particles & Ion Detection

  • Contamination

  • ME LO Integration & Analysis

Oil and Gas

  • Pumps and VFDs

  • Generators


  • Ship Unloaders

  • Wagon Unloaders

  • BFRS

  • Conveyors

Government & Intelligence

  • SHM for Defense Systems

  • Multi-Body Dynamics

  • Telemetry Data Analysis

  • SHM for Barrels

  • Defense Intelligence

  • SARS

Autonomous Waste Management System

  • Waste Recognition

  • Pollutant Identification

  • Chemical Treatment

  • Oil Spills & Drift Analysis

  • Amphibious Drone Technology

  • Tardid Quadaviator (Thermo scientific analyzer)

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