Tardid Portfolio is enabling the heavy industries and government agencies to do better business, reduce unplanned downtime, increase ROI by 10 times, and capture new window of opportunities. 


Structural Health Management



Hull Monitoring

Corrosion & Nucleation

Cracks & Propagations

Stress & Strain Analysis

Structural Fatigue Analysis

Residual Lifespan

Oil & Gas

Pipeline Health Monitoring

Storage Tank Fatigue

Jacket and Jack-up SHM

Boilers & Cold Insulated Lines


Autonomous Track Monitoring

Gauge Gap and Ballast Detection

Track Fatigue & Crack Propagation



Airframe Integrity

Airframe Integrity

Fatigue Localization & Positioning

Pylon Fatigue and Cracks

Integrating Existing Sensor Data

Wind Turbine

Offshore Structure Integrity

Residual Lifespan

Monitoring of Gearbox and Shaft

Emergency Braking System

Correct Pitch and Wind Analysis

Historical Analysis


Machine Health Management


Manufacturing & Process OEMs

Thermal Stress & Warpage Analysis

Shrinkage & Breakage

Boundary Deformations

Proximity Vibration Analysis

Proximity Noise Analysis

Ghost Noise Detection & Analysis

Harmonics of Toothmeshing Freq 

Time Domain Analysis

Transmission Error Measure

Housing Stiffness Detection

Governor Idler Condition Analysis

Sync-Time Domain Averaging

Integrating SCADA

Comparative Dimensioning

Failure Data Analysis

Effective False Positive & False

Negative Management

Onboard Lube Analysis


Viscosity Analysis

Pour Point Analysis

Flash Point Analysis

Wear Particles & Ion Detection


ME LO Integration & Analysis



SHM for Défense Systems

Multi Body Dynamics

Telemetry Data Analysis

SHM for Barrels

defence Intelligence


Autonomous Waste Management System

Waste Recognition

Pollutant Identification

Chemical Treatment

Oil Spills & Drift Analysis

Amphibious Drone Technology

Tardid Quadaviator (thermo scientific analyser)

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