Maintenance approaches do matter, and yet oil and gas companies still heavily  rely on age old and outdated maintenance approaches. 


With rising global demand, highly volatile prices and increasingly tough regulations the oil & gas industry today gasping with the challenges of reduced cost, asset performance and better environmental footprint 

Unplanned downtime is one of the key issues by which the oil & gas industry is being plagued. Moreover the upstream sector, is facing additional challenges of high cost and exposure to risks. This was made clear in a study by Kimberlite, and international oil and gas market research and analytical company, in summer 2016. It also mentions that the problem is going to worsen further due to budget cuts, aging assets, and the other losses associated with risks will take its toll.

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Data acquisition through a well define time domain based scientific process data analyzer

Deep Machine Learning technique been used  to decode and transcript problems

Comparative decisioning been used to create asset reliability and life expectancy of machine and structures

Next Generation Cognitive computing used for human type reasoning and decisioning

Brainbox helps is strengthening your ROI rapidly by ensuring reduced downtime, lesser risks and damages

Deploying variety of sensors, probes, scanners, transducers to digitize the assets

The deep waters, frigid regions and the hot, dusty, undeveloped deserts along with global geopolitical forces creating the perfect environment for the emergence of next generation technology "Brainbox". Brainbox helps oil and gas companies with autonomous health monitoring of structural and machineries and predict repairs only when the asset cries for help.

Pipeline Fatigue

Autonomous monitoring of buried, exposed, underwater, high pressure or cold insulated pipeline  system

  • Corrosion

  • Crack and Propagation

  • Wall Thickness

  • Residual Lifespan

Valves & Joints

Monitoring the welding joints, valves and identifying defects at the very stage  of nucleation

  • Pressure and Leakage

  • Toughness

  • Longitudinal and Circumferential Cracks

Structural Fatigue

Prediction of Tank and Boilers structural condition and prioritization of  maintenance only when it is needed 


  • Corrosion in coating disbanded regions

  • Dry gas internal corrosion

  • Tank Double Bottom Fatigue 

Machine Health

Provides a predictive approach to guide critical assets and their health

  • Performance and Comparison

  • Utilization and Uptime

  • Critical Asset reliability lists

  • Extension of maintenance intervals of pumps and motor components

Mooring Position - De-Positioning

Safety & Efficiency Enhancement of Anchor Handling through Integrated Knowledgebase Decision Support System 


Manage Loading Conditions & for Right Time Decisioning

Its an amazing technology which has the ability to measure, monitor and process multiple parameters in real-time.

Controls motion in horizontal plane and maintain vessel safety

Equipment  Stress and Current Condition

Local and Global Loading Conditions

Handling Skills

Feedback & Factors

Multiple Barriers

Design Parameters

Environmental Conditions

Skills& Knowledge

BENEFITS For Operators

A system is only useful if it can be used. If a system can't be accessed, it might as well not exists.  

One of the easiest way to ensure high uptime is to be aware of the physical assets. Brainbox helps operators increase uptime exponentially by identifying the show stoppers in advance 


Unplanned Delays

Lifetime expectancy of asset, depends on maintenance, and largely improved though a optimized method.

Brainbox helps you to understand well in advance the structural or machine components those are at risk and initiate a proactive approach of maintenance, by providing type and future propagation.


Now track the performance of your assets even when its in air. Everything is connected with Brainbox.


Know the value of your assets and vendors by tracking down individual performance. In-built comparative dimensioning to help you understand the gap between price & performance.


There's a long history of events, few of them we saw coming, but could not stop them in time.

Lurking below the surface of these events are due to mechanical instabilities, resource constraints & inefficiencies. Now events can be foretold, as Brainbox  is watching asset reliability constantly. 

Avoid Catastrophic Events


Digitization and visibility is now inevitable, Tardid Brainbox can update your industry as a whole but particularly in three specific areas: 

  • Allows optimal use of assets, minimal downtime and avoidance of catastrophic failures

  • Works in most hazardous conditions, adds value without compromising safety

  • Real-time situational awareness

  • Real-time context based assistance

  • Minimizing human involvement, reduce downtime by controlling human errors

Tardid Brainbox creates the explosive impact of digitization and next generation analytics on the manufacturing and operators, that's why 


Brainbox is Future Perfect 

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