stand-alone IP based temperature, vibration, noise, lube monitoring and analytics system with base unit

Thermal, Vibrations and Noise stresses are closely related to variations  and can lead to machine and its components failures . Therefore, It is vital to check real-time variations and its effect on machinery and its components. So, it is important to perform an extensive analysis to find out the possible influences of variations on the machine and its sub components level. Brainbox Switch is designed for predictive modelling of differential stress onboard, analyse and alert.


Factory Integrated Features

-- Onboard Sensors, Thermocouples', Mic etc., (as per requirement) 

-- Event History Log

-- SNMP, Modbus, TCP, CoAPP and XML

-- Embedded ML 

-- Data Logger with Memory

-- OLED Touch Screen

-- USB, Telemetry Support (type 4 case)

-- PLC : FPEA 0402U Input

-- Auto Sensor Clean and Calibration function

-- PoE built-in, Optional AC Adapter, DC Input

-- Ultra Low Power Usage

-- Runs Locally

-- Standalone Device

Additional PC, Software not Needed

No Internet Needed

Embedded Deep Learning

Takes Place of a Full Blown System

BRAINBOX Switch is an embedded sub module of Brainbox-AIP. Switch is designed for stand-alone usage and has the capability to integrate multiple inputs into one single terminal. Furthermore, the “mix-and-match” design offers the user flexibility for a wide range of applications. It's common form design and that makes it a plug-and-play retrofit into existing panels and installations.

Onboard Analytical Window

Deep Dive with Easy Web Server Integration

BRAINBOX Switch Embedded  Analytics helps to understand Stresses or Deflection created by strains in the system because of  Differential Loads. Brainbox Switch  interprets and detects the Differential Coefficients of Relative Expansions and alerts users in advance.

Furthermore, the system comes with an built-in small footprint webserver based SPDA. This enables you to read sensor data, configure parameters, set new key performance indicators, define alerts etc., 

Sensor Gateway 1

Sensor Gateway 2

Sensor Gateway 3

Core 1


KPI Integrators

Core 2


Available On Cognitive Cloud

Accelerate with Cognitive 

Don't be plagued by the gaps of data collection, building insight and actioning. Brainbox Switch is also available on cognitive cloud.

Optionally integrate Brainbox Switch with Brainbox Cognitive Cloud Monitoring system, so that you can visualize and understand current health of your machines and alert users in advance from anywhere. Generate maintenance reports and alerts.  


The Immunity System Your Machines Need

Brainbox Switch bridges the gap between man and machines, and it’s the ultimate immune system booster for your machines. On-board  embedded system / processor(s) along with a OLED interactive display to monitor trends, patterns and behaviour in real-time.


PoE, USB or DC Powered System. You can also power it with supplied wall adapter. Optional DC to DC step down module available


Brainbox Switch manages advanced signal processing, data acquisition and control with ease. The system comes with built-in algorithms for control & exchange


The base unit can connect up to 12 sensors, like strain gauges, thermocouple, geophone, mic, massive MIMO, SISO,  tacho probe, vibration sensors


Support for v2 & v3 (GET, GETNEXT, SET & TRAPS). This feature makes Brainbox Switch easy integration with any SNMP or DCIM system with ease


Brainbox comes with high rate OLED display so that you can view and operate in rugged conditions, under low visibility and disturbances


Built-in transient analytics helps in determining FE processes, stress result visualization, brazed joint analysis, checklist and for muster controlling (autonomous) 


Factory configured with support for MODBUS. This enhances the capability of Brainbox Switch  for easy integration. SNMP & MODBUS both can be used


Brainbox Switch is housed in MIL grade hardened enclosure so that it can perform seamlessly in any kind of condition and environment where deployed

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