Due to lack of available data, existing reliability models and maintenance tools are based on assumed failure rate - In Contrast Brainbox Digitally Enables Your Turbines So that You Can Get Sufficient Visibility of the Reality

Downtime Losses and Its Impact on Wind Farm Operators Globally

Losses in connection to operational downtimes are the worst nightmares for the global wind farm operators. A deep analysis over a decade of the operational behaviour of the wind turbines has shown that downtime losses are higher in months of high wind speed, along with mechanical and structural failures which are in common.


To ensure wind turbines runs efficiently and keeps performing above top, means you need to adopt a new digitally enabled technology, which can help you in detecting circumstances that shortening your machinery and structural lifespan, be ready before it develops into a major failure, and finally initiate maintenance only when the machines itself cry for help.

SAVES From Typical Failures

BRAINBOX continuously monitors the lube, deep learns  and observes critical issues like viscosity, wear particles, temperature, flow-rate and through predictive alerts protects your turbines from

  • Against gear mircopitting

  • Prevent bearing failures

  • Preventing loss in viscosity grades

  • Protecting Foam

  • Residual Lifespan

Monitoring of Neuralgic Components

BRAINBOX digitally enable the neuralgic components and provide predictive alerts for

  • Low Harmonics, for shaft speed originating from unbalance & misalignment

  • Base tooth meshing Frequency (tooth contact stiffness/inaccuracy/non uniform load

  • Ghost Noise Detection

  • Noise Origination points and trigger 

  • Longitudinal / transverse and Torsional Vibration Analysis

  • Sound Pressure Level and Housing Stiffness

BENEFITS For Wind Farms

A system is only useful if it can be used. If a system can't be accessed, it might as well not exists.  

One of the easiest way to ensure high uptime is to be aware of the physical assets. Brainbox helps operators increase uptime exponentially by identifying the show stoppers in advance 


No Unplanned Downtime

Lifetime expectancy of asset, depends on maintenance, and largely improved though a optimized method.

Brainbox helps you to understand well in advance the structural or machine components those are at risk and initiate a proactive approach of maintenance, by providing type and future propagation.


Now track the performance of your assets even when its in air. Everything is connected with Brainbox.


Know the value of your assets and vendors by tracking down individual performance. In-built comparative dimensioning to help you understand the gap between price & performance.


There's a long history of events, few of them we saw coming, but could not stop them in time.

Lurking below the surface of these events are due to mechanical instabilities, resource constraints & inefficiencies. Now events can be foretold, as Brainbox  is watching asset reliability constantly. 

Avoid Events


Brainbox makes your machines and structures digitally enabled so that you can create digital strategy, to reduce unplanned downtime, based on a solid foundation of large data and analytics

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