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The past cannot be changed. The future is now in your power. With Brainbox understand, learn, and decide in advance. The combined power of machine intelligence and cognitive empowers you to understand your assets lifespan and aids in proactive decision making


Since day one, at Tardid we are committed  to innovation and to the global ecosystem that supports it.


At the very beginning we started revolutionizing the non-destructive testing techniques with new advanced and autonomous technology. We encapsulated an entire lab in a platform and made it easily accessible.  When digitization of critical assets in its infancy, we are already working on the technology which would become the next generation predictive system, and now we are connecting the two world of numerical empirical knowledge.

Every innovation has a story of its own, with lot of minds join together to challenge traditional ways of thinking. Here you find interesting facts of our innovation, which will have significant impact for your assets, business, people and society.


numerical process

It is important to understand the reason for collecting huge amount o and how the collected is applied to improve monitoring and predictions


An intelligent solution which places you within the gas of sustainability and failure and make your projection of 99.6% secured and sustained 


With right-time predictions experience 36% less unplanned downtime. This can result in, on average, of 43% dropping to the bottom-line annually


empirical process


Stress Assessment

Real-time monitoring and checking of corrosion level and alerts in right-time

Lube & Fuel

Identify the metallurgical contaminant like wear particles, viscosity etc.  Real-time consumption and combustion analysis

It's Autonomous

System with no human intervention

Human Machine Interface

Telemetry for seamless connectivity

Determining Defects

Provides variability's like toughness, thickness for longitudinal and circumferential cracks

Smart Station Keeping

Providing predictive alerts and knowledge based ddecisioning for safe and optimal operation, 

Forensic Evaluations

Brainbox performs a through forensic evaluations of the failures to determine probable root causes

Fatigue Detections

Defined ML models to understand mechanism of internal, external & stress related fatigue & hotspots 

Residual Lifespan

Provides "effective asset life" considering its operating environment (derived from imminent triggers

Closed Loop System

The closed loop of dynamic data sensing and modelling significantly improves efficiency and modelling quality

Breakage & Shrinkage

Allows users to check differential temperature, vibrations and shrinkage for warpage analysis  and displacement 


Minimum human involvement, reduced labour, downtime, human error with improved safety and reliability

Positive Outcomes

10 Times - Return on Investment

Reduction in Maintenance - 25%-30%

Reduction in Downtime -  55% - 60%

The Platform

The Brainbox Augmented intelligence Platform, bridges the gap between machines and human. Brainbox moves the entire system be it structure or machine, towards a more digital and data enabled environment. Brainbox has the capability to process both the world of numerical and empirical data and builds an amazing expert knowledge based system, which provides predictive insights and reasons of failures to users in real-time. Heavy industries and operators like shipping, oil & gas, aerospace, wind farming etc., can now monitor health of their critical assets and ensure operational continuity like never before. Brainbox comes with secure data, machine learning and comparative analytical models, personalization, and trusted simple and complex thinking algorithms.

The Advantage

Brainbox is an Augmented Intelligence platform specially designed to meet the needs of heavy industries. The platform delivers a new model of machine and structural intelligence, by replicating human like abilities such as memory, sequencing, perception damage control, problem solving with high precision decision support.  Brainbox makes your structures and machines digitally enabled, and allows you to create digital strategy to reduce unplanned downtime, which is again based on a solid foundation of next generation learning and analytics. The platform guides decision about production assets and their health. Continuously monitors every assets conditions and determine it's fitness for continued operation, and initiates repair only when the machine or structure itself starts crying for help. Evaluate individual assets' performance and help you in building critical asset components' reliability list. 

Industry specific Solutions for Shipping, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Railways, Wind Farming, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Government

Our AI Specialists

Our specialists, specializes in partnering with clients, those who knows that Augmented Intelligence can help changing the way they manage their maintenance operations currently, but not sure on how to use or implement it in mission critical environments. 

Our AI experts can help you in:

Build a complete assessment of critical assets age &current health

Analyze hotspots and likely condition of fatigue

Mooring Decision supports

Understanding in real-time global load factors and its impacts

Help you speed up to cognitive understanding and use

Training and roadmap to a successful implementation

Feel that thrill in your fingertips?

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about our experience or technology Reach out to us and we will respond at the earliest.

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