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Deep learning is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate, produce, understand and live sustainably.


Brainbox Structural Health Monitoring system is designed to provide, at every moment a assessment of the structural health, provides a state-of-the-art diagnosis of the constituent materials, on different parts, and of the full assembly which constitutes the structure as whole. 

It's Autonomous and designed for Ships, Aircraft, Railway, Offshore Platforms, Wind Turbines... 



Never before seen reason combinations await you

Reason combination is not the only new thing - knowledge combinations also await you. Computers can rapidly manage more challenges as long they are  repeatable and/or explainable. Brainbox is an intelligent platform which need to be simply fed with numerical and empirical data and the system knows how to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The result of these learnings are predictive answer or action, which are the outcomes of learned models based on various probabilities. 

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Human & Machine


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The Brainbox autonomous FEM uses numerical (applied maths) methods to assess material condition on-board in real-time. The main advantage of Brainbox SHM is that it can be applied to arbitrary  shapes in any number of dimensions. It measures non-homogenous (location) and anisotropic (direction) properties, along with various probable applied sources like force, pressure heat flux, etc. The system mixes information's of the integrity monitoring  and usage monitoring subsystem with expert knowledge (damage mechanic and behaviour laws ) which makes it possible to determine the prognosis (residual life) of the structures (organization of maintenance, repair operations etc.,)


Brainbox integrated analytics, specifically addresses three major problems in real-time associated with differential thermal stress, vibration and noise. They are cost, time and distortion. Shrinkage, distortion oh housing assembly, displacement and wear-outs are the major problem faced causing unplanned downtime of the entire machine or parts. Brainbox AIP integrated with deep machine learning and cognitive analytic assesse the boundary conditions, wear-outs and displacement in real-time and provide predictive alerts when the machine cry for help. 

Accessible and Scalable Technology

We've always been looking to make structures machines extremely intelligent and connected

We apply cognitive computing not only to numerical data,

but also to empirical data-sets to see, and interpret complex information's in real-time. 



Our machine learning framework is used for analysing "Transport Through Complex Network in Porous & Granular Media"  and components. We use Probabilistic Machine Learning technique by which the system understands what learning and plays a central role in forward data analysis. Along side deep learning Brainbox also deploys pattern recognition technology, which ensures that the system learns from experiences. By combining deep learning with cognitive emulates human intelligence..


Multi-Dimensional Comparative technique has taken an important place in the prediction system. Tardid Brainbox uses proprietary MDCA tool to define and analyse multiple probable factors, and provide clinically accurate reasoning and decisioning. The tool takes a set of probable factors like local or global loads and profile them based on their type and properties .


Kinematics and Behavioural Analysis. This inbuilt capability of Brainbox makes it truly a ruler in the analytical world. The system creates a 360 degree profile of the structure or machine of its distinctive features through input reference technique by collaborating numerical and empirical methods. This makes the internal learning engine to train the core with all the machine or structures functions in detail.

Amazing isn't it...


Brainbox uses Physic - Psych transition processing.Traditional predictive systems are based on a number of restrictive assumptions which do not hold reality  in real life because it works on pre-defined membership functions. Brainbox takes a novel empirical data analysis approach. The design is based on TEDA (typicality and eccentricity data analytics). The system do not work on any predefined assumptions, rather it observes discrete data points and their forms of unique pattern in the data space.

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