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When subjective and objective melt into one

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Brainbox Augmented Intelligence Platform 

It's a cutting edge technology that will change your thinking. Brainbox-AIP combines deep machine learning and cognitive computing for predictive alerts integrated with knowledge based decisioning system, helping you understand your assets health and its residual lifespan

The Tardid Augmented Intelligence Advantage


Numerical Efficiency

It's an augmented intelligence platform. A first of its kind in the industry, which delivers a new model of machine learning. Being able to replicate human like abilities such as memory, sequencing, perception, the platform provides predictive insight. It serves as an epitome of technological advancement.

Simply Genius

By taking various probable factors the system builds a comparative measurement and analyses between numerical and empirical sets. The platform makes sense of the "dark-nature" by understanding the space between every event and evidence to foresee unpredictable factors for rock solid prediction and decisioning.


Brainbox-AIP is designed to make expert decisioning by learning both the world of subjective and objective. By combining Polynomial Zero and Autonomic Computing, it makes machines self managing - and potentially self healing and self defending.


Brainbox-AIP uses comparative dimensional technique to access the geometry of complex parts and provides decisioning with high accuracy and speed. Embodied with cognition, Brainbox applies human like characteristics to conveying and manipulating ideas to address complex invisible challenges. Brainbox identifies fatigue, stress, displacements, breakage etc., of probed elements by establishing a relationship between the machine and its profile to predict failures well in advance.

With Brainbox


Augmented Intelligence with IIoT

takes prediction to a whole new level

Brainbox makes your things intelligent - and connectivity makes them smart. Now your massive metallic structure's shell, jacket or jackups doesn't just carry loads, it will autonomously monitor its stress, strain and fatigue in real-time. Our smart sensors and intelligent learning engine continuously monitors your machines and its components and notifies you immediately, thus preventing unplanned downtime. Even the mainstay operations like mooring, crain, drilling will be smarter, detecting local and environmental loads to provide right time decisions of positioning and de-positioning. That's the power of Tardid Brainbox Augmented Intelligence Platform's integrated machine learning - and an extra level of intelligence which mixes the subjective and objectives to provide predictive alerts and step by step resolution of fatigue, hotspots, displacements and breakage that makes your assets safer, easier, reliable and more personal.

Experiencing the Future

We're partnering with technology leaders in key sectors, developing specific new features that embrace the power of digitization with immense connectivity


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