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Adaptive Collision Control System

for seas and portside

Under Innovative Ecosystem Platform Partnership

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Analytical Models

state models includes structure, member elements. stiffeners, hydrometeorological and environmental

Domain Models

time domain models of components and systems combined with geometric models for stress and loads

Information Models

specific systems and components including vibration, stress, thermal and acoustics


sensors, probes integrated with process and various loading data from the asset, Sensor virtualization and data fusion

Physics Models

numerically simulated governing physics models combined with empirical models of influencing parameters

Brainbox AI

software driven control algorithms with knowledge system and historian library

ACCS Managing Sea Encounters


ACCS Detection is Based on Differential Geometry

Combines Euclidean and Riemannian  

a novel hybrid metric learning approach to combine multiple heterogenous statistics with physics models for robust image set classification.

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