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What we value at Tardid


Trustworthy Asset Health Prescription

We have built our AI Platform "Brainbox" on four foundational principles of Time, Data, Compliance and Transparency

Research and Innovation

We continuously research on objections and innovate solutions to resolve it. Our innovation "Brainbox" has inspired industries on various types of assets health management, eliminate maintenance barriers and deploy an innovative regime of an AI Enabled EAM

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Diversity and Inclusions

Tardid is comprised of talented, super inspiring, and hardworking individuals from the world best institutes. We share the passion to research, innovate, code, create and connect businesses to the future of Artificial Intelligence. Together, we work hard, brainstorm non-stop, and boil tea endlessly.

Business Ethics

We work as a responsible partner with all who place their trust in us, conducting business in a way that is ethical, equal opportunity, transparent, and respectful of human rights.

Our commitment for communities on the frontline of COVID-19

We did whatever was possible in our limited ability to feed and help immigrant workers to safely reach their homes.

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