Simplified Augmented Intelligence Platform

The Mechanical Doctor

ensures sustainability and business continuity against all disruptions and stagnations.

Tardid specializes in safeguarding your critical assets from unplanned downtime while reducing risk and increasing safety

Autonomous Structural Health Monitoring



Real-time health assessment of shell structures, stiffeners, pipelines, jacket or jack-up structure, Rails and turbines

Predictive Machine Health Management



Monitoring of rotary components, hosing assembly, alignment, vibrational stresses, lube  and emission checks with root cause



Smart Mooring Decisioning

Specialized Solution for Rig Positioning and De-Positioning considering local and global loads



Plug 'n' Play Embedded Device

Onboard Differential thermal Stress, Noise, Vibration & Lube monitoring system.

Brainbox in Your Industry


Making Ships More Intelligent 

Reduce unplanned downtimes and failures through an autonomous structural and machine health monitoring in real-time with a right-time decisioning


Efficient Oil & Gas Operations

The past cannot be changed, the future is now in your hands. With Brainbox predictive maintenance, understand, learn and decide in advance


Making Progress Outside the Comfort Zone

We bring improved cooperation in the value chain through digitization, which enables you to reduce unplanned downtime while simultaneously reducing risks

We Add Smartness to Your Birds 

Delivering the next generation standard for effective aircraft maintenance through a predictive approach. Monitor assets conditions and initiate repairs only when the machine itself starts crying for help



Autonomous Solutions



Advanced & Autonomous Waste Management

 a joint initiative with blockchain


Predictive Alerts with Integrated Knowledge Based Decision Support

Experience the power packed

Brainbox Augmented Intelligence Platform 

It's a cutting edge technology, that will change your thinking. Brainbox-AIP, combines deep machine learning and cognitive computing for prescriptive analysis, which is further integrated with knowledge based decisioning system, helping you understand your assets better and its residual lifespan

Helped Operator to Prioritize Maintenance & Optimize Operations

Real-time fatigue and hotspot analysis of a Marine vessel. Brainbox detected critical hotspots & corrosions in the AFT and Fore Peak compartment, This helped our defence customer to save over One Million Plus US Dollars from dry docking. Currently the vessel health is monitored and assessed remotely. Truly Autonomous. 

Detected Rotating Assembly Displacement 

Saved 300K US Dollars in pilot mode. Brainbox DVSM detected deformation in center housing assembly and provided predictive displacement alert, by which the engine was stopped and the turbocharger was saved from extensive damage. A timely alert saved 300KUSD of our customer and also from downtime.

Identified Anomaly in CVT Reeves Drive and Prevented Failure

Brainbox within 4 months revealed cavitation & erosion issue in one of the gearboxes among four, and provided alerts in advance of probable displacement of input shaft, which prevented failure of transfer ability and reliability of the gearbox. Defence saved 800K US Dollars and relief from no downtime


TARDID is "insights success" 10 most innovative Artificial Intelligence company in India, a list of companies redefining the tech culture and part of the next generation information technology revolution

Tardid is the start-up finalist in NTT Data Open Innovation Contest 7.0, Vizag Fintech 1 Million Dollar Challenge and Wins Innocity Pitch Contest 2018 - especially designed for companies working in the space of technology innovation

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